Helping powerlifters maximize their strength in the squat, bench and deadlift. Increasing technique mastery, muscle mass, and neural efficiency.


Optimizing skeletal muscle hypertrophy by ensuring an optimal level of stimulus for maximum adaptation and avoiding plateaus through a periodized approach.


Making dieting easier and more effective for muscle gain, fat loss or general health. Focused on adherence and long-term success.


Evidence-based coaching

I follow an approach to my coaching based on evidence-based practice (EBP), which optimizes decision-making for practitioners. Here I adapted it to evidence-based coaching (EBC). This relies on 3 foundations:

1) Decisions must be based on scientific evidence, and the strength of the evidence should be considered.

2) Practitioner experience is paramount, and should be synergistic with research for the best outcomes.

3) The client's preferences and values must be taken into account, and the ultimate goal is to help the client reach their own personal goals.

What are the benefits of a coach?

  • Advice

Nowadays you can search anything on the internet, but without a solid foundation of knowledge, it’s incredibly hard to know what is good information.

How many calories should you eat? How should you distribute them? How much training volume should you do? Are you doing too much or too little? How should you periodize your training?

These questions aren’t easy to answer unless you have experience and knowledge, and searching online will give you countless contradictory answers. A good coach will skip all the misinformation and give you exactly what you need and when you need it.

  • Accountability

Most people fail because they simply stop doing what’s necessary to produce the result they want, even if they know what they should do.

When you’re doing something on your own, it’s hard to keep yourself accountable. If you have someone watching for you, you now feel responsible for your own actions. You know someone cares about your progress and wants you to succeed, so you feel bad if you disappoint them. Accountability makes sure you stick to the plan and don’t sabotage yourself.

  • Objectivity

It’s hard to be objective about your training and dieting. This is one of the reasons why it’s common for coaches to also get coached by someone else. Even with all the knowledge and experience in the world, it’s difficult if not impossible to be objective about your own progress.

People often start over-analyzing everything, worrying about every little detail. If their weight isn’t going as it’s supposed to, they’re very inclined to change calories too soon, or if they miss a weight in their training, they immediately think something is wrong with their programming. They do this because they lack objectivity, they can’t look at themselves without their own bias. This is where a coach comes in: they can analyse your progress with detachment, avoiding unnecessary changes that can harm your long-term progress.

  • Discipline

Motivation is essential but it’s also limited and temporary. What gets you going on the long-term is discipline and habit. Without it, people are doomed to fail. You can’t be motivated 24/7,  it just won’t happen. Some days are just going to suck, no matter what. What makes you keep going on the long term, it’s not motivation, but habit. And where does habit come from? Doing what it takes, over and over again. And to do so, you need accountability.

Since someone is responsible for you, you’re more likely to stick to your plan, even if you hate everything and everyone in that specific day. Overtime, you build a habit of doing what you need to do. With or without a coach, it doesn’t matter. Even if you aren’t motivated or enthusiastic today, you did this 500 times, you will just do it one more without thinking too much about it. This is what gets results: consistency – over a very long period of time.


“Thanks to Tiago I was awarded with my pro card at the Pure Elite World Championship where I placed 1st in the couples round, 2nd in bikini and 5th in the fitness category - this was only my second time competing so this was a massive achievement for me. Tiago is such a supportive and reliable coach and is always available to offer advice and answer any queries I may have. Not only has his expertise helped me gain more knowledge but he has also helped me with my confidence and to prepare me for photoshoots and my trip to Los Angeles.

This year I will be competing in the pro category at the Pure Elite World Championship in November and I’m really looking forward to continue progressing with the help from my awesome coach.”
“Started with Tiago a few years ago. Had multiple injuries and technique issues along with nutrition issues and inconsistency. Since then we’ve addressed many of those issues and I’ve made significant body composition progress and my strength and competitive proficiency has improved considerably and is continuing to do so.

Tiago has always been very responsive and receptive to my training needs and performance and has been firm with me when necessary to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and if not, that I’m aware of the consequences of my mistakes.

Always quick to respond to my messages, questions and concerns. All in all I attribute the majority of my progression as a strength athlete not only physically but mentally as well to his guidance and knowledge. We started as strangers and are now friends and I believe it makes for a good relationship with my coach and I look forward to future progression working together.”
“Tiago is a fantastic coach, you really couldn’t ask for more. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has guided me through both show prep and a lean bulk. I am very inquisitive so always ask questions to further my own learning and he always provides answers, along with science to back up his points. There really isn’t anything more I could ask from him, he supported me throughout my process and I was extremely happy with the results, hence using him post show, too.

Tiago is always on hand and responds promptly to any queries I may have. He’s also a really nice guy who I will definitely meet up with next time he’s in the UK.

Thanks to Tiago, I have had a successful first fitness model show, two great photo shoots and have put on a good amount of lean mass since being shredded!”
“I started working with Tiago in November 2018. Being a personal trainer myself, it’s easy to get caught up with my own clients, causing me to neglect my training and nutrition. When I parted ways with my former coach in May 2018, I spiraled off track in terms of proper nutrition and meaningful training sessions. My body composition rapidly deteriorated leaving me unsatisfied with the way I looked. Luckily, Tiago was referred to me by a college friend that is currently one of his clients. He told me he achieved amazing progress under his coaching. I decided to give it a shot and soon realized it was the best decision I could have made for my fitness journey.

Much of our first 2-3 months was spent getting my weight under control. Once that was accomplished, Tiago implemented a maintenance period which allowed me to enjoy more food and exposed me to a more strength oriented training style. Since my eventual goal is to step on stage as a natural bodybuilder, strength training is not something I usually focus on. During this strength phase, Tiago made sure the cut was efficiently executed and answered every question I had along the way. Within the first month and a half, my body weight dropped from 217 to 203lbs. Now, my body weight is below 190lbs as we are in the midst of another cut in preparation for an upcoming massing phase. In total, I lost nearly 30lbs since starting with Tiago in November.

Additionally, Tiago is an extremely responsive coach, offering weekly updates to training and macro coaching that are personalized at the individual level. Most importantly, he explains his thought process behind the decisions he makes. He is well versed in hypertrophy and strength training principles that have truly led to some amazing results. I can’t remember the last time I was this satisfied with not only my physique, but also how well my body performs at the gym. Although I am much lighter than when I first started with Tiago, I am lifting as much, if not more, on the big 3 compound movements.

Tiago has taught me the invaluable skill of knowing when and when not to “put the pedal to the metal” in the gym. I’ve always struggled with constantly wanting to train at high intensities but Tiago helped me realize the risks of over training and getting burnt out. Throughout my program, I have achieved a lean physique without the unhealthy binge tendencies that prolonged dieting usually causes. Tiago has given me clear direction with my own training and nutrition so I no longer have to stress about programing and choosing macros. He also holds me accountable to my goals. My lifestyle is much healthier with Tiago as my coach. He has helped me achieve a lifestyle that is not only sustainable, but also conducive to my fitness goals.”

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